Divine Sound Scientific Investigation

Divine Sound Scientific Investigation

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Dhyanyogi Omdasji has permitted Ms. Neela Iyer to scientifically research the Divine Sounds in order to ascertain its strengths as claimed by the users of Divine Sound.  The scientific research is expected to yield more insight into the characteristics of Divine Sound and its effects. 

The investigations have elucidated a few characteristics of the Divine Sound and they have been submitted as Research Papers.  The findings of the research and scientific investigations will be made public when the evaluation of the papers is completed and the papers are published.


Protection of Rights and Research Permissions:

To whomsoever it may concern

The Rights for pursuing Research, Experiments, Clinical Trials, Discussions and any similar Educational, Scientific, Spiritual or Research activity on the Divine Sound (sung by Dhyanyogi Omdasji) have been given ONLY to Prof. Neela Iyer, Disciple of Omdasji.

Anyone else undertaking such or similar activities or planning to undertake such or similar activities using the Divine Sound of Dhyanyogi Omdasji are kindly advised not to pursue such activities. Any such or similar activities will not be approved or endorsed by Dhyanyogi Omdasji. 

Violations may be viewed seriously, followed with National or International Legal formalities to protect the rights and research permissions of the Divine Sound sung by Dhyanyogi Omdasji.

Reasons of not viewing or understanding this advice on protection of rights and research permissions of the Divine Sound sung by Dhyanyogi Omdasji are not acceptable.

Signed, Dhyanyogi Omdasji
The 7th Day of May, 2008