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Meditation is the art of calming down the restless mind. When the frenzied mind is slowed down, inner peace and balance are restored.

Meditation practices have been used since time immemorial as a mystical quest in search of identification of the self.

Recently this ancient art has become popular as more and more scientific papers have been published on the beneficial effects of meditation to the human body.

In the past, body-mind systems were always considered complimentary and it is only in the recent past that they were regarded as separate. There is again a shift in the thinking and meditation has become a popular part of alternate therapies and holistic treatment due to the vast array of favorable and beneficial effects.

Meditation is practiced as a way of attaining calm but awake state of mind. It is practiced by many as part of emotional health care. Meditators claim to have less stress and hence better health and efficiency at work and play.

Then why don’t most of us meditate? 

It is very difficult to control the mind. It is very restless. The thoughts come in rapidly on a variety of topics. Thoughts of past and future also rush in.  The mind produces thoughts of past pains/joys or plans for future assaults/happiness.  It never lets us live in present.